unflappable Mentor sergeant


Despite being small for a marine, a mere 6’2", Tiberion’s worth is measured by his tactical acumen rather than his sword arm. As a battle brother of the Mentors chapter he has an extraordinary capacity for planning and combat leadership.

Tiberion does not show the same respect for the archaic rituals and traditions help by more traditional chapters, resolving instead to use the most effective tactics for a given mission. He is flexible, but decisive, and seeks to find the most effective solution to often complicated situations.

During periods of respite Tiberion busies himself by doing research on area xenos, and writing tactical reports to benefit future missions and to add to the archives of the Mentors chapter.


In contrast to most other chapters, the Mentors commonly retain memories of their lives prior to their indoctrination to the Adeptes Astartes. As such, Tiberion still recalls a reasonable portion of his youth on Cadia where he served diligently as a Whiteshield.

Shortly after his 13th birthday Tiberion was assigned to serve as an attendant to a regimental guard unit for a joint operation against an orcish incursion in a nearby sector. During a pivotal battle Tiberion saw a mortar team spotter fall to enemy shootas. Collecting the guardsman’s communications gear Tiberion climbed an unfortified tower to gain a better view of the battlefield. While under fire, he was able to calculate mortar attacks with pinpoint accuracy, decimating tactically vital portions of the Ork advance.

Conflict resolved, a unit of Mentor Legion marines that were part of the task force took note of Tiberion’s acumen and bravery, recruiting him into the fold of their chapter.

Since that time he has steadily advanced through the ranks of the Adeptes Astartes, reaching the rank of Brother Sergeant of the 5th company before being assigned to a term within the Deathwatch where he uses the opportunity to research xenos threats, and mixed-chapter combat effectiveness and techniques.


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