Welcome, Battle Brother!

It is an exciting time to be a member of the Deathwatch. After three thousand years, the High Lords of Terra have finally authorized a full war of extermination against the major Xenos threats in the Telchine sector. Watch Fortress Antioch, a brand new bastion against the horror of the alien, has been established in the sector, with the task of assisting the local imperial forces against the xenos threats that assail them on all sides. To the galactic north-east the endless tide of greenskins roils and festers, ready to drown the sector in ignorance and blood. To the galactic south-east a splinter empire of the perfidious Tau bide their time, hoping to weaken the Imperium with overtures of peace and trade. Meanwhile, in the midst of the sector, the mysterious Anzi spread their borders ever wider, dealing crushing defeat after crushing defeat to all the Imperial forces arrayed against them. The dangers of the sector can no longer be ignored.

Take arms, brother! For as the first members of this new kinship of war, the first victories will be yours to grasp!

This sector, located in the lower-middle of the Ultima Segmentum in the galactic south-east, has long been a bastion of stability in the Imperium. Conquered with little obstinance during the Great Crusade

Policy of Belligerence

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